Yard Pond Ideas and Some of the Creative Designs


If you are looking for a way to refresh the look of your exterior area, there are some yard pond ideas to try. On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t have to own a wide and huge yard to have your own personal pond. There are some clever and creative ways for you to manage the installation without having to deal with the fussy arrangement.


Do you know that you can use an old pot or an unused planter as a pond? Yes, the container pond will refresh your yard in a second! The greatest thing about this arrangement is that you can have several ponds at once without breaking the bank. As long as you have an old container and a recirculating pump, you are good to go. Some homeowners may add extra accessories like artificial water lily to make the pond look real. However, even without those accessories, you can still enjoy the beauty and the freshness of your small pond. Consider whiskey barrel if the flower pot is too small for your preference. A whiskey barrel will serve just right, and it is coming with bigger dimension, after all.


Another option is to have a raised formal pond that is surrounded with paving stones. If you have brick walls on the exterior area, this type of pond will be one of the best yard pond ideas. It looks like the outdoor version of the water tub, not to mention that it is ideal for limited space. Another space-saving pond is to turn an old well (provided that you have one) into a garden pond. Feel free to change the structure around the well into a concrete wall so your pond will be stronger and more solid.


Not all ponds should come with concrete or paving blocks. You can use wooden element to create a unique pond. A raised wood frame with two tier structure can turn your barren yard into a lush yard. You may need to consult the pro for the installation but this is one great yard pond ideas to try.

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