White Brick Homes Arrangements for Your Exterior Appeal


White brick homes are getting rare these days. With the modern and minimalistic theme getting more and more popular these days, many homeowners are forgetting the traditional, good old days exterior appeal with the simple white brick accent. Feel free to have one at home but be sure to do the overall arrangement properly so it won’t be too much and you get to retain some of the classic feel.


Some homeowners may prefer the all-white scheme, meaning that everything looks white from a far; white wall paint, white door, white window panels, and even white roof. It is a unique look. It will definitely create a distinct feel that no one will miss your house. However, be careful in planning an all-white exterior look because it will get boring and bland over time. If you want to retain the classic and traditional white house theme, consider adding other colors – not too much, just enough to blend everything nicely and add a touch of lively atmosphere.


Again, you are welcomed (and even encouraged) to dominate the exterior elements of the house with white but toning it down a bit. The white brick homes will look stylish in its simplicity when paired with dark blue-gray roof and black window panels. These colors are the neutral and basic ones but they can create a good balance to the white scheme. Some edgy and modern homeowners may elevate it a notch. They have terracotta or reddish roof that delivers somewhat South American style mix to the exterior décor.


If you are still holding on to the all-white scheme, it would be great to add colors from the furniture. Dark outdoor bench, brown swing on the porch, or even colorful chairs will be a great addition. Your outside elements won’t be bland or boring anymore. Managing the white brick homes can be fun, as long as you know how.

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