Vintage Office Decor Starter Tips


Vintage office decor is rarely found in modern life. Modern office tends to use sleek and clean furniture. The same situation also happens for other decoration in modern office. Despite being easy to applied and practical, modern office often looks plain. If you have the same thought about it, vintage decoration might be the one that you need. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about several tips that you can use when decorating your office with vintage concept.

First thing first, you will need proper material for it. The material for office furniture that is able to give vintage impression is wood. The main question here is what type of wood that you should use. Wood with darker color should be suitable for it. Other than oak, you can use pine, spruce, or other exotic wood. Reveal the true color of the wood to enhance the vintage impression. Avoid using bright color wood such as birch, cherry, or others.

When talking about material, you also need to keep in mind not to use metal material. Metal material is not suitable for vintage office decor. If you have to use it, try not using it too much. Dominating the office with metal material will make it looks rustic or modern. Consider wood variety as your top option. Other than for furniture, wood can also be used for flooring as well. You can feel the warm atmosphere offered by office with wood flooring ideas.

Now that you have wooden furniture for your office, your next attention should be the arrangement for it. Place the desk along with its chair on the office before anything else. In the vintage office decor, they will serve as the focal point of the room. The next tip is surrounding it with other furniture such as wooden storage cabinet or side table.

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