Vintage Apartment Ideas with Inspiring Decoration


If you are looking for vintage apartment ideas, the following article will give you inspiring decoration. Compared to other interior designs, vintage interior is rather tricky to implement. It is tricky since it requires more attention to the detail. You might need to incorporate plenty of furniture and decoration in order to create vintage interior. Things get more difficult since most apartments have limited space to begin with. Despite the challenge you have to implement this concept, it is actually possible to create one.

Vintage interior has similarities to classic interior design. Some of them might include fireplace. In classic house, fireplace will give nice touch to the whole design. However, it might not be applicable in the apartment. Some apartment already uses modern heating system. Most importantly, there might not be enough space to install fireplace. In this case, it is advisable not to install it. Installing fireplace in your apartment might not give you enough space for other decoration.

In terms of decoration, vintage apartment ideas do not require you to use decoration with intricate design. The decoration does not have to be furniture since it might consume space. Alternatively, you can select proper design for the wall or floor. To create vintage impression, it is recommended to use wooden floor parquet. Natural oak color should be able to create appealing vintage interior. The same goes for the wall. Selecting wallpaper with vintage theme should not be difficult since the market already provides it for you. If you go for paint instead of wallpaper, make sure you use soft color such as light gray.

You can implement vintage concept in any room of your apartment. However, you need to keep in mind that different vintage apartment ideas might be required for different rooms. Although the same concept can be implemented in different rooms, you need to select different decoration for each room.

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