Home Decor Design Draperies Curtains and the Hanging Rules


A beautiful set of home decor design draperies curtains can swiftly make a dull room become beautiful. It’s indeed arguable that about completing the room with window treatments. But even the most gorgeous draperies set won’t make a room beautiful without a proper hung. Before eliminating the idea of using curtains, consider this and be sure to familiarize with the right way of hanging draperies curtains. The difficult part is to understand where curtain rod will be placed. Realize that it differs by some elements such as the window’s style, the covering’s type, and the ceiling’s elevation.


The standard home decor design draperies curtains have typical height of halfway between the room’s ceiling and the window’s top case. It works on the condition where the above space is over twelve inches. For higher ceilings, give around four to six inches space above the window and four to ten inches from each window’s side. Despite the height of the ceilings, two inches above the window is a minimum guideline to hang the curtains. Hanging the drapery close to the ceiling will create an impression of a higher room. It’s specifically important in case of low ceiling rooms. This rule also applies for arched-shape windows.


Their length should be enough to touch the floor. To give a more traditional and formal luxurious style, make sure you give a few more inches so the draperies will puddle down there. Never hang too high that they leave a space above the floor because it gives the room a lower impression. To make a fuller look, their width should be double the width of the window as a minimum. Thus if there are two panels of windows, the width of each drapes and window must be the same. The last thing to consider is that the curtain rods and the fabric of the draperies complement each other. Moreover, most importantly is that home decor design draperies curtains must elevate the accent to the whole room.

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