Creative Design Ideas for the Home with Back to Nature Concept


Having a comfortable home with airy spaces and green atmosphere can be a great value for life. Bring a different look and style into your home by applying back to nature concept. Green decoration with real greeneries inside a home spread incredibly beautiful and fresh atmosphere. These creative design ideas for the home are great solutions for those who love something simple yet splendid. Applying these design ideas will not spend a lot of dollars since all you need is something affordable such as plants, simple natural furniture, and even secondhand items.


Applying creative design ideas for the home with nature concept is just simple. In the living room, minimalist sofa and coffee table are just enough. For more focal point, arrange some indoor plants with beautiful formation. You can apply them on the vanity, in the corner, or display them on the floating shelves. This living room will be more “alive” and enchanting. Some home owners think harder about wall decoration and coloring. By applying “back to nature” concept, the walls don’t need any intricate and expensive decorations such as wallpaper and any wall arts. Just paint the walls in white and give them touches with greeneries.


To apply “back to nature” concept for a home, the owners are not required to purchase any expensive furniture. Rattan, bamboo, or wicker furniture is enough to make a home look chic and interesting. It is good if you have minimalist sofa to decorate a living room or family room. Combine it with minimalist rattan coffee table and DIY floor lamps. The corner shelf can be made from used ladder. Don’t forget to let optimum sunlight come and fill the indoor area. Therefore, some large windows are really needed. These creative design ideas for the home are not only enchanting, but also money and space-saving. So, wouldn’t you try it for your dwell?

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