Building a House Design Ideas in Modern Era


Global warming becomes a serious issue and threat for human beings. Saving energy can be applied start from any small stuff, including in terms of building a house design ideas. As a center of family activities, a dwelling house is a place that absorbs a lot of energy, the second biggest right after industry. Building an environmentally-friendly house means we measure the environmental impact as well as help to repair the environment itself. Some related aspects include architecture, methodology, material, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and life cycle ecological living.


Eco friendly-house design is a kind of support to the environmental sustainability. It means there is no any excessive exploration to energy. Some principles of building a house design ideas that are environmentally friendly include lighting efficiency, indoor space efficiency, and eco-friendly materials. Utilizing as optimum sunlight as possible will be really helpful to reduce electrical energy. Sunlight can be the main resource in the morning and afternoon. Natural lighting can be obtained through large windows, including roof windows. Therefore, it is important to design more open roof and wall to let sunlight exposes every single part of your home.


Merging more than one or two functions in one room is a good option than building too many rooms. For example, living room and family room is in one area only. More spacious a building doesn’t always mean good. As simpler and smaller a building, there are more possibilities to control environmental aspects to the building itself.  An eco-friendly building is designed with a plenty of open area, good relation between indoor and outdoor, spacious yard, and enough ventilation. Using the right, efficient, and eco-friendly materials is also an important principle. Nowadays, there are more kinds of eco-friendly materials invented and manufactured by some industries. Eco-friendly principle that is adopted into building a house design ideas will bring significant result to environment sustainability.

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